When State Farm launched a new campaign featuring the Coneheads, we built buzz before it even hit the airwaves.

The first spot recreated State Farm’s iconic “Jake from State Farm” spot. So we created #TuneInEarthlings, a version of the original with a Coneheads takeover message in the middle, and ran it in place of “Jake from State Farm” for two weeks prior to the spot’s launch. Then, we fueled the conversation with cryptic social posts and banners.





The Coneheads also “took over” State Farm’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts, broadcasting cryptic messages in ASCII and binary code that people could easily Google. Even Jake himself commented on it via Twitter.



The Coneheads even took over State Farm’s pre-existing banner ads.




The conversation blew up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, garnering hundreds of tweets, comments and posts. William Shatner, Captain Kirk himself, even had something to say about it.


#TuneInEarthlings reached over 3.7 million users

Over 600k views in under 2 weeks

Featured on Digiday, Fast Company, Adweek, AdAge